Management system policy of Talayeh industrial company:

Talayeh industrial company acts as the leading organization in the field of design and production of water and sewer service lines. It also provides products for water and sewer industry with different materials like cast iron, polymer, brass, bronze and cast iron- concrete.
Company manager with regard to his beliefs about Talayeh’s motto: “Always a step ahead”,
put his policy in order to satisfy customers,
The manager optimized the activities with a commitment to successive improvement of operation and processes by using ISO10002:2004, ISO9001:2008 systems and tries to achieve following purposes:
1. Creating added value for stakeholders (customers, employees, and shareholder) and improving relations with them.
2. Developing process- centric approach in organization to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the process (enhancing product quality and services, increasing production and products variety, reducing fixed price and increasing customer satisfaction)
3. Using opportunities in order to developing organization with understanding changes in the business environment.
4. Reducing and controlling environmental pollutants and using facilities and new technologies efficiently in order to preventing contamination.
5. Energy management and efficient use of resources
6. Prevention of accidents and occupational diseases through the establishment of safety and health conditions.
7. Compliance with standards, rules and regulations and comply with requirement associated with the activities of the organization.
8. Promoting corporate culture and improve efficiency (through reinforcing the idea of teamwork, improving communication and promoting moral values).
9. Empowerment of human resources through continuous training, knowledge, skill, ability, competence and members’ awareness.
10. Creating knowledge- based organization and continuous efforts in producing adequate, qualified products comply with the last technology.
Senior manager of Talayeh company declares his commitment to the mentioned purposes and expects all employees to be committed to the policy principles of management system and try their best to achieve the company’s goals.
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