Awarded as an Exemplary standard unit:

In a ceremony to celebrate the World Standards’ day (14, OCT, 2015) with the motto “Standard the common global language”, with the attendance of some of the standards’ managers and experts and standard associations, the Standard Organization after evaluating companies, introduced selected companies that well performed standard obligations as exemplary standard unit.

According to the evaluations made by experts and memb

s of the Standard commission, Talayeh Industrial Complex was awarded by the General Office of Khorasan Razavi Standard Organization as an exemplary standard unit performing and complying with all standard obligations and regulations in 2015.

Engineer Kafash, manager of Talayeh QC department was also awarded during the ceremony.
The evaluation included company’s past performance, product conformity and activities such as product engineering and its researches and efforts to maintain the product standard permission and upgrading laboratory equipment.

We congratulate this accomplishment to all our colleagues, contractors and sales centers. We hope by developing and promoting the water and sewer service line connections in the country could do better and make more achievements.