Talayeh 35 years old celebration:

To celebrate Talayeh’s 35 years old ceremony, a splendid celebration was help in IRIB Int’l Conference center (IICC) wherein Talayeh’s big family and some revered guests were gathered together.
The gathering included a lecture given by the General Manager Eng. Mousavi and later gifts and presents to honor selected staffs as the company’s best staffs of the year.
The celebration finally ended by cutting the cake by the founder of Talayeh industrial Complex Eng. Rahmani and the general manager Eng. Mousavi.
It’s good to mention that Talayeh Industrial Complex established in 1980, started its activity by opening its casting workshop, later in 1993 more workshops were added accordingly and by 2013 it established its ISO 17025 accredited laboratory as a verified reference in water industry.
Through years, Talayeh Family with over 160 experts could have an effective role in changing the traditional service lines into modern and engineered ones. And now after 35 years by adding to its workshops, machinery and equipment, it now has become a successful and export-oriented brand in the water industry.

Talayeh Industrial Complex Public Relations